Marriage Counseling Enhances Effective Communication

Learning to communicate effectively with your spouse may be the key to long-lasting bliss in your relationship. Many couples who come in for marriage counseling have the same goals but are not able to communicate those goals to one another in a way that makes sense. Take, for instance, the couple who loves each other, … Read moreMarriage Counseling Enhances Effective Communication

Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Without a doubt, all marriages come across rough patches. While many couples are able to resolve conflicts, for some partners, fights become an everyday thing. If you’re not sure whether you should seek out a counselor, here are a few signs your marriage is in desperate need of marriage counseling. No Communication Many marriage troubles come … Read moreSigns You Need Marriage Counseling

Planning For The Future: Premarital Counseling

Weddings are wonderful, exchanging vows and sharing your joy with family and friends. A day to look forward to and a day to remember. Setting the stage for a singular celebration takes a lot of effort, perhaps as long as a year of planning for that one magical day. All the days that follow need planning too. … Read morePlanning For The Future: Premarital Counseling

Bob Good: What Do I Do When My Husband Is Shutting Down?

Tom and Cindy came into the office for marriage counseling due to the fact that according to Cindy her spouse wouldn’t open up to her with his feelings. According to Tom, talking about one’s feelings isn’t something he experienced while growing up with his three other siblings. In fact, life in his family was without … Read moreBob Good: What Do I Do When My Husband Is Shutting Down?

How Premarital Counseling Can Strengthen Your Marriage

When people think of couples going to counseling sessions together, often what first comes to mind is counseling to help couples who are already having issues or difficulties in their relationships, not couples just contemplating marriage. When a couple is considering marriage, things are usually going pretty well in the relationship. So, instead of focusing … Read moreHow Premarital Counseling Can Strengthen Your Marriage