Forgotten Grief: Adult Sibling Loss

The death of an adult sibling, especially one in early adulthood, is a shocking loss. We think about losing grandparents and parents when they reach a certain age, but not our siblings. Not the ones who have walked with us through childhood and adolescence and who were supposed to be there through our adulthood, as … Read more

Grief and Loss

When we suffer the loss of someone, whether it is death, a break up, or fracture in a relationship, there are stages that we need to go through in order to effectively process that loss. Grief takes on many different formats; it can be tears, anger, or denial, before the acceptance and hope begin to … Read more

Benefits to Grief and Loss Counseling

There are several benefits to seeking therapy after suffering a profound loss. Grief counseling will help you understand the complex nature of the grieving process and take the uncertainty out of the unexpected reactions you may be experiencing as a result of your loss. It may seem easier to ignore your pain, but it is … Read more

Is This Grieving Normal?

Grief is normal after a loss of any sort. We usually relate grief to death, but people can feel grief over losses like that of a job, a relationship, or a child moving away. Grief can feel overwhelming. It can take over your thoughts, emotions, and life. Healthy grief begins to resolve after a period … Read more