What Are Psychotic Disorders?

The very concept of psychotic disorders can arouse confusion and even fear from those who have never experienced it. Common stereotypes dominate the public perception of psychosis. In order to dispel these damaging myths, we’re going to take a look at what psychosis really is and how it is commonly treated. What is a Psychotic Disorder? … Read more

Mood Disorders: Bipolar Mania

The difference between major depression and bipolar disorder is the presence of mania, at least some of the time.   There may not be a “cure” for bipolar mania, but proper treatment can make living with it much easier and healthier.  Asking for help is an option that can benefit you and all those who love you.  But … Read more

Understanding Adjustment Disorders

According to Medline Plus, an adjustment disorder is defined as “a group of symptoms, such as stress, feeling sad or hopeless, and physical symptoms that can occur after you go through a stressful life event.” A stressful event is different for everyone; a move, a divorce, a job loss, a bully at school, or worries … Read more

Fear, Anxiety, and Anxiety Disorders

We all feel anxious or afraid from time to time, but fear is different from anxiety and anxiety doesn’t necessarily mean an Anxiety Disorder. So let’s define some terms. Fear is a negative emotion in response to the belief that something is threatening or painful. Anxiety is a heightened state of worry, unease, or discomfort, a … Read more