Attacking and Tackling Addiction

What needs to change in your life? How is your addiction negatively impacting your life? These are the questions you need answers for, in order to become willing to embark on real and substantial recovery from addiction. Anyone can quit for a day, but it takes real, honest, hard work to quit for the long … Read more

Alcohol and Drug Addictions: Aftercare Process

Many people who are either addicted to drugs or have family members who have an addiction are under the mistaken impression that a treatment program “cures” the addiction. The truth is that alcohol and drug addictions recovery is a lifelong process. Without an effective aftercare process, an alcohol and drug rehab treatment program may not provide … Read more

The Benefits of Individual Counseling

In today’s high-stress world, we sometimes need a little help navigating life, understanding where we come from, and deciding where we’re going. Counseling often has a negative stigma attached to it, as if people who participate in it are weaker for seeking guidance. In reality, people who seek individual counseling are building skills and making choices … Read more