Stress is No Respector of Persons

We become physically drained and emotionally strained when we are preoccupied with busyness that our reaction ends up being an over-reaction. Therefore, by definition, stress is any type of action or situation that places conflicting or heavy demands upon a person. And, these demands upset the body’s equilibrium and may chronically be irritating or upsetting….

False Guilt: The Origin

The way we recognize our guilt is through a conscience. We might define our conscience as that immaterial part of our creation that sits in moral judgment of all our actions and thoughts. Every one of us has a conscience that tells us whether what we are doing or thinking is right or wrong. Some…

Emotional File Folders

Within each person lies a plethora of emotions and experiences. Depending on the level of commitment regarding how the individual seeks to bring resolution to unpleasant emotions and experiences will inevitably determine whether he/she carries “emotional file folders” deep inside. In other words, there is a wealth of emotions buried deep within each human being….

Acquiring a Sense of Guilt

As early as age 4 or 5, a child begins to discover what kind of person he or she is. The key characteristic at this stage is the child’s growing capacity to initiate actions, thoughts, and dreams: their personality is centered on the idea “I am what I can imagine I will be.” They can…

Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence? While abuse among family members can take many forms, it may include emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.Acts of domestic violence generally fall into one or more of the following categories: Physical Battering- The abuser’s physical attacks or aggressive behavior can range from bruising to murder. Any aggressive behavior directed at another…