Ross Knode, LPC-Associate

Hi, I’m Ross.  I was an airline pilot for 20 years, culminating in captaining an Airbus 32O for a major US airline before following my passion to work with kids and getting my Master’s Degree in Counseling in 2019.  I spent the decade prior to that volunteering in my daughter’s elementary classroom and school. (I have a teenage daughter myself and have struggled with many of the issues you are currently facing with your children. I’ve been there and done that.)  I also volunteered with my church’s elementary and youth groups.  Hanging out and working with children and teens is what I truly enjoyed.  When I had the opportunity to go back to school and change directions in 2017 I jumped at it.

I have extensive play therapy training including an 8 day intensive introduction to play therapy course, followed 2 years later with a 9 month certification program – both through the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute in Colorado where I lived for 14 years before moving to Dallas.

I have also assistant coached a middle school swim team and high school boys soccer team.  I love working with teens as much as children.

My passion is empowering kids and teens and helping parents emotionally connect to their children in more meaningful ways which can lead to a stronger bond between them.  I am ready to help you.

Phone: 314-910-2576